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Where am I?

Technology That Works, which I started in 2010, is located in Whitehill in Hampshire. I provide website design, hosting and content management to local businesses, although I can also work with businesses and individuals regardless of your location.

A bit about me.

I have been writing computer programs since I was a teenager and if I tell you that it was on a Sinclair Spectrum it gives you some idea of how long ago that was.
Computers have since become my hobby which ultimately has now become Technology That Works.
These days I have a full time job in the financial services industry where amongst other things I use my computer skills to develop and design computer programs. I have written software for a number of major international and UK banks, ranging from bespoke automated spreadsheets to whole Customer Management applications.

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I am writing a series of articles about good and bad technology which I will publish on this site.
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