Welcome to the Apps page. From here you can find my online apps. Unlike mobile phone apps that are written and can be used by only one device, my apps are available to any device that has a modern browser. That can be a PC, Laptop, Netbook or Tablet. Even a Smartphone and available whether you run a Windows, Linux, Android or Mac operating system.
Each app is available whenever you have an internet connection, I will be developing offline versions soon using the latest HTML5 code. To enjoy these apps use a modern browser with Javascript enabled.
The apps are deliberately low spec, so don't expect fancy graphics, this is done so that they keep mobile data usage costs down to a minimum.

Current Apps Available:

Calculate how much alcohol in a drink and keep tabs on how many you have drunk.

New Apps will be listed above as they are available. Alternatively why not try Maggie Magpie's Key Stage 2 Maths practice apps : Here