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Welcome to the Technology That Works website. I have a passion for technology but all too often things don't do as they are intended or as we want. I find this very annoying, so this site is about making things that work and using technology that lives up to its name.
Everything is constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. The trouble is that the more complex we make things the more likely they are not to work properly. Sometimes the simplest and even older technologies still work.
Take the home computer for example. The machines produced today are incredibly powerful. Much more so than those of only 10 years ago. Are they any faster though? Well in terms of processing speeds yes they are, they can handle many times more tasks at once than older machines. To the average user however, the experience hasn't changed by the same amount. There is no argument that broadband is faster than an old dial up modem, but today's web pages are so much more complex and convey so much more data that they can still take a relatively long time to load.

What sort of things do I do?

First of all Technology That Works provides a website design service as well as hosting plans and content management. For further details please check the services I offer to small businesses and individuals using the link above.
What I enjoy doing is to find the things that work best and I intend to pass this knowledge on to others. Please explore the articles on this site which I hope will provide assistance and ideas to everyone.
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David Harrison

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