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Welcome to an Article on Web Browsers.

Internet Explorer

There was a time when everyone had the browser that came with their PC and that was the end of it. New players came to the market though and competition meant that the user had a choice. I have to say though until IE6 came along I had been a victim of inertia and never realy explored them.
Then upgrading to IE6 I found that for some reason my DVD burner software would no longer work. Eventually I traced the problem to yes, the new IE6 browser I had just installed. Research confirmed my thoughts and published known faults with IE6 included DVD burner software. So rather than buy a new compatible DVD burner program I ditched IE6 and started to explore other browser solutions.
All my computers now only come with the IE installed by the manufacturer.


Firefox was one of the first I tried and the first time I had seen tabbed browsing. From the start it just worked perfectly and on the whole is my browser of choice.
It is opensource, supports tabbed browsing, apps, plugins etc. As you can guess I am a big fan.


Since I started using Linux operating systems I have come across a number of small lightweight browsers including, Seamonkey, Dillo and Midori.
This last comes installed with Saluki Linux
Midori is small and fast, has tabbed browsing and finally in Saluki 0.23 is stable. I use it hand in hand with Firefox for Linux as I just can't seem to give up on FF.

Mobile Browsers

Whilst I love Firefox for my desktop and netbook and they do a very good mobile version I have found that another very good mobile browser is Dolphin. I run an Android smartphone and Dolphin is available from GooglePlay and fulfills all my mobile requirements.
Many thanks to Jeff Baker for his article on how to control scrolling divs for mobile browsers. As you can see from this site I am a great fan of scrolling divs but until I read Jeff's article had been frustrated by the mobile browser community's failure to support them. Read Jeff's article here:

Not an in depth discussion on all their finer points and I am sure there are many other great browsers available. The point is though, be prepared to try some of the alternatives and find one that works best for you. I deliberately haven't mentioned Chrome because I only use it for testing purposes for my website design. I am sure there are people that prefer it to Firefox, I am just not one of them.